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What is Tarot?

Personal Readings

Choose from our personalized 20 minute express reading or our longer 1/2 hour session for a more in depth reading.

20 Minute Express Reading $35

30 Minute Reading $50

60 Minute Reading $90


60 Min Couples Reading $125

Enjoy a 60 minute reading for you and your significant other.

Private or Corporate Events

*Please call or email for more information and to book your event.


*Additional fees may apply for travel

In short, a tarot deck is a divination tool used to help a querent (you) embark on a quest for wisdom and guidance. A reader will lay out the cards in any method they choose and attempt to interpret what the cards are trying to tell you. Tarot is not a fortune telling game. We can seek in the tarot an interesting character analysis of ourselves, solutions or guidance on immediate dilemmas, or perhaps a glimpse of the future provided you continue on your current path.


I am a professional Intuitive Tarot Reader and my goal is to help you find answers to your questions about life, love and the opportunities that await you! My tarot readings are fun, engaging and informative.


Do you own a business? I can help you clarify your thoughts and desires where your business decisions are concerned. Using the tarot for business decision making helps you reduce the stress of indecision, remedy problems , motivate staff, enhance skills, you get an honest view from someone who cares about your success!


Also, tarot readings are appropriate for dinner parties, family reunions, retreats, school graduation parties, school events and more!


You can request a reading by:

• Booking a private appointment, either in person or by phone (telephone readings available through Paypal)

• Booking a Home Party

• Booking for a Corporate Meeting or Event

Call for more information or email me at to book an appointment today!

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