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About Cynthia

Cynthia is an intuitive psychic reader who works to help those she meets to find their way along their life path. She truly believes that the people she meets on her journey are people she was meant to meet. Ultimately an intuitive reading from Cynthia will help to lead you to find the path you are destined to take. Cynthia holds a degree in Psychology, which has further helped enhance her natural abilities. Having been educated in this modality, her understanding of the psychological, emotional and spiritual needs of her clients has greatly enhanced her readings.


Because her ancestors were known to practice magic and forms of divination, such as reading tea leaves, water divination, and tarot cards, Cynthia is considered to be a hereditary witch. The abilities associated with such forms of divination is believed to be passed on by virtue of being from her ancestors blood line. While there is truth and mystery attached to that notion, Cynthia believes we all have the ability to be “aware of” and are able to “discern and interpret meaning” in the “tools“ used in a reading; we have to understand what they mean in order to convey their message, that takes a willingness to learn and an openness of mind and soul, and practice! Cynthia uses the Tarot as her divination tool, and occasionally the pendulum to clarify thoughts, and the power of meditation, which she uses to connect with her client’s energy flow (with their permission of course). Cynthia also teaches meditation, provides spiritual counseling and performs various rituals. She finds that combining modalities helps to keep her grounded and connected to spirit.

“Life truly is a  
  journey to be enjoyed
  and lived, I look
  forward to my
  journey, finding
  my way, following 
  my life‘s path while
  helping others
  find theirs.”


  ~ Cynthia,
    Daughter of the Moon

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